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 Charitable project

The principles of the D.G.T. Vision are to promote the aspiration of Dekhung Gyaltsey Tulku Rinpoche – ”everyone works cooperatively”, “equal opportunity in education”, “live in harmony”; therefore charity, culture, environment protection and education are the focus of the foundation.



Recently there are a lot of disasters happening in the world due to unusual environment changes and unstable international circumstances. While we are living in a fortunate part of the world, we should be thankful and appreciative with what we have. We should also accept the variant of the world, learn to help and forgive other people. Therefore D.G.T. Vision emphasises on the harmonization of human relationships whereby to drive individuals to build the altruistic values, good health and peaceful mind, and to share and help others to create an auspicious society. This is not merely only a charitable event, is the Buddhist doctrine benefits from the Bodhisattva state.

Charity Events

This foundation since has been established, has been actively engaged in miscellaneous social charitable activities, besides assists Australian local communities, also regularly conducts free medical treatments, books donations and so on. We will continue to anticipate practically and consistently in events that benefit our society. Through our voluntary workers’ diligent and selfless efforts, we hope to bring love and happiness to everybody, as well as lighten one self’s benevolence to create a better world. 


2.Environmental Protection Enterprise  

With the technical development, global warming issue, disgraceful environmental pollution and rapid resource consumption, our natural resources disappear swiftly. It is a critical moment to everyone that it is each person’s responsibility to protect the environment so that all lives can continue to live and develop in the way they should be, then the future generations can benefit from this resourceful world.

Donation for Environmental Projects

This foundation since has been established, poses as by 'proactive association', adopts the practical procedure to support Australia various environmental protection activities. It is not only to comply with the environmental law or the policy, continues to impel the environmental protection activity diligently. Donations have been provided to different local communities to support their environmental projects. It is anticipated by the foundation that with our small contribution, we can assist in protecting the earth ecological environment and to reduce the environmental pollution and destruction. This will allow us to have a safer, healthier and more comfortable environment going forward.

Environmental protection108Rules

This foundation follows the “environmental protection 108 ── Let the Earth be happierrule formulated under the leadership of Karmapa in 2009. Each member must pursue the rule such that we respect the natural ecology and care for the natural environment in order to keep natural resources for the future. D.G.T Vision is willing to respond to Karmapa’s guidance and is hoping this idea can be proliferated continually to enable everybody grateful loves the earth and the nature.


3.Cultural establishment

The culture is the abbreviation of “humanities enlightenment, it is the sum of individual’s value in the system for the society. The more good value system combines in then a better quality social culture will be formed. This foundation follows the instruction of Dekhung Gyaltsey Tulku Rinpoche to undertake the mission to create a good society culture. We selflessly give and sincerely take, treat everybody equally and help others to study the kind-hearted values as the goal.

Books Donation

Culture and Education are two important elements. Reading is the basis of education, it is not only to promote the education standard, also can stimulate our thought and cognition. This foundation devotes in retaining the China traditional culture of genuineness, kindness and gracefulness. This foundation wishes to take the lead to drive this cultural event and we would like to invite you to join us to experience the rewards of Chinese culture.  



As a result of the past industrious endeavour,our living standards have improved day by day, andsimultaneously the issue of sustainablehealthy life styleare becoming more and more urgentin today’s time. It is said only ifwe have a healthy body, we can then help ourselves and other people, as well as study the wisdom of life even more diligently. Therefore, the establishment ofa sustainable healthyjoyful lifeis based on continueslearning of the physical and moral integrity as well as understanding issues in aging, living conditions and the time vicissitudeasthe wisdom of life.

The study of good health and good wisdom

When D.G.T. Vision first established, the goal was to help people to achieve a sustainable healthy and joyful life.We believed the healthy body and mind are in a unity. Therefore, wise people are the one who have wisdom to understand and maintain their own mind and health in the harmony condition. D.G.T. Vision will frequently conduct study curriculum and provide opportunities to all peopleto share and exchange wisdom in the life.

Physical fitness, energy regeneration

It is said our body and mind can be tuned and improved through physical exercise and breathing relaxation. We hope through DGT Vision programs all people can strengthen their physical fitness and energy level; and then take these benefits throughout their life.



Historical Donations







Donation to Chinese Parents Association-Children with Disabilities Inc.

Boundless Joy Charity Dinner

To support music therapy 


Donation to Ashfield Boys High School

Boundless Joy Charity Dinner

To support school environment project


Donation to Lions Club of Sydney Inner West 

Lions Club Fundraising Dinner 

To aid Queensland Flooding Disaster