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D.G.T. Vision is established by a group of people who has received great blessings from Rinpoche and wishes to pass on the blessing to the community so that more people can benefit from the teachings of Rinpoche. In order to maintain the sentiment of members, exchange the charitable experience, and participate into public charity activities together; this organisation will frequently organise charity parade, charity dinner, member social function, etc. to promote and improve the friendships of members and intercommunication.


Table of Activities 


Time Event Venue
30th of June 2010  DGT Vision Charter Night Dinner

Emperor's Garden restaurant

15th of August 2010 Boundless Joy Charity Dinner

Don Heng King Crab Century restaurant

12th – 14th of November 2010 Leisurely and Carefree Charity Tour

Blue Mountain

6th of Feb 2011  Participate in Chinese New Year Parade


30th March 2011 Dekung Gyalsey Tulku (Rinpoche) Visit Australia Welcome Dinner

Ziver Restaurant

4th April 2011 The 1st Senior Charity Luncheon

The Eight Restaurant

June 2011  A Hong Kong Visit Hong Kong
28th September 2011 The 1st Kagyu Monlam in Australia  
30th September 2012  The 2nd Kagyu Monlam in Australia Chatswood
3rd October 2012  The 2nd Senior Charity Luncheon  
28th July 2013 Environmental Project: The tree planting day Auburn
21st to 29th August 2013 Lamp offering project for The 3rd Kagyu Monlam in Australia DaDeeHon
30th August 2013  The 3rd Kagyu Monlam in Australia Chatswood
2nd October 2013 

The 3rd Senior Charity Luncheon

Appreciation Dinner for The 3rd Kagyu Monlam in Australia

Marigold Restaurant

27th June 2014

07th July 2014

18th to 20th July 2014

30th Sept 2015

09th-11th Oct 2015

8th Sep 2016

10th Sep 2016

19th Sep 2016

1st - 3rd Oct 2016

Fundraising for DGT Buddhist Centre

The 4th Senior Charity Luncheon

The 4th Kagyu Monlam in Australia

Prayer Dinner 2015

The 5th Kagyu Monlam Australia

Welcoming Dinner


The 5th Senior Charity Luncheon

The 6th Kagyu Monlam Australia

Marigold Restaurant

Marigold Restaurant


Marigold Restaurant

Sydney Chatswood

Marigold Restaurant

Civic Theatre Hurstville

Marigold Restaurant

Sydney Chatswood



Our members and volunteers come from different nationalities and backgrounds, in which many are social backbone, professional, entrepreneur and justice of the peace etc.  They are all willing to contribute their time and resources to take part in various charity functions although a lot of efforts are required in the preparation of each event.  Everyone appreciates the experience gained through these functions whereby many happy returns and a stronger relationships with the team.


You are welcome to join the sponsor team of DGT Vision, please contact support@dgtvision.org.au

You are welcome to join the volunteer team of DGT Vision, please contact volunteer@dgtvision.org.au