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 Your Support is important to us!

Do you wish to seek an appropriate method to help people?

Does your charitable mind firmly secured in heart and demonstrate in daily life? 

Do you feel disappointment of yourself when watching others enjoying the happiness from helping people?

Truly your supports are important to a charity organization, regardless of a smile, a verbal encouragement, your time or money offerings, all of these can be the initial power to trigger the compassion of others such that valuable supports and sincerity can be delivered to wherever needed.

Our Sponsor Team

The board of D.G.T. Vision sincerely thanks the following organizations and businesses (The place does not divide the priority). Their sponsorships enable us to serve more people. Your support is very much appreciated, please let your organization, your business and the D.G.T. Vision grow together. Please contact us to express your interest.

You are welcome to join the sponsor team of DGT Vision and share the joys together, please contact support@dgtvision.org.au